Important Methods of Real Estate Valuation

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April 17, 2018
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May 16, 2018

Important Methods of Real Estate Valuation

Pre-Sale-AdviceIf you want to invest in a property then the significant thing to do before you buy is to know about the real estate valuation. If the value of the property is not clearly known to you then it will become difficult for you to decide, how much taxes you have to pay for the property or what will be the rent you can charge. If you are not aware of your property valuation then estimating the above two things as well the property insurance will not be possible. By now, you have surely got the idea of the significance of market value. Now, the question arises that how can you know the property valuation?  Below here we will discuss three main real estate valuation methods.

One of the most popular of the valuation method in property is the comparable sales approach. It is also known as sales comparison approach or market data. Real estate valuers of Noosa use this method mainly in case of a residential real estate or land, especially for single-family homes. In this method, the real estate valuation is compared with similar ones in case of the sales price. The properties that are used for comparison are called comparables. However, the property is only considered to be comparable to the similar ones if it has been sold within a year under normal market conditions.

After the comparable sales approach, the next method used by the real estate valuers is the coast approach. The concept of this method is very clear as it restricts the buyer or investor from buying a rental property if the cost of the house needed to be repaired is more or almost equal to the mentioned property. This approach takes help of the sales comparison method. Another feature that separates the coast approach form the property valuation method is what the type of the real estate is. This approach is not used in case of a residential real estate.

The third and the final approach used by the real estate valuers of Noosa is the income capitalization method. This approach is used in case of income properties. This can be like commercial real estate, apartment buildings, and multifamily home as well. The real estate valuers enquire about the net income of the property and about the return on investment. This helps them in determining the true value of the property by making an estimate. The Income Capitalisation method is one of the popular methods that are used by the property valuers to determine the property value in an efficient manner.

Property valuation and the related terms are some of the essential parts of the real estate market. So, it is very important for an investor to know about the property valuation before they take any decision. While the investors or the landlords do not basically need to know about the in and out of the methods of property valuation, it will be helpful if they have a basic idea about these things. Sometimes, the basic idea about a particular subject, and in this case property appraisal and valuation, gives many benefits here at LeverValuers.